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Electrostatic Painting

Electrostatic painting was only available as a factory applied finish for years. This is no longer the case with today's onsite equipment and process. Electrostatic painting is also called powder coating, as the coating is in fact a powder. The coating gives you a hard and long lasting finish on all metals and some types of plastic. There are no sags, runs or drips that are common with the traditional liquid paints and the result is as good as or better than the original factory finish. The painting method is simple straightforward. Dry powder made up of resins and pigments is fed from a supply reservoir to a spray gun by air where a small electrical charge is applied. The item to be painted is grounded. When sprayed, the charged powders are attracted to the grounded item's surface.

Since the entire item is charged the powder covers every surface, nook and cranny. There are no uncoated surfaces that allow corrosion or rust to begin to form. For years this process was available only to commercial clients for application to office furniture such as desks and file cabinets.

Fences, Gates and Railings
You just love your wrought iron fence and railings that provide the charm and nostalgia of the Victorian age. However, you also hate the job of painting them every few years or so. It's nearly impossible to do without getting paint all over everything including yourself. You have tried brushes, rollers, pad painters and even an airless painter. They all create a mess, introduce solvents into the environment and the paint begins to peel and flake off within a year or so. What if you could give the fence, gates and railings a new finish better than the original factory finish that will last for years and there won't be any little corners or edges uncoated. It is possible with electrostatic painting.

Patio Furniture
Steel, aluminum and wrought iron patio furniture can now be recoated at your home without the mess and trouble of using oil or alkyd-based enamels to inhibit rust. You will not have cans of left over toxic paints and thinners to store or dispose of in an environmentally friendly manner. Electrostatic paint colors are available in any color you want including metallic and pearl finishes. There is no mess to clean up and no toxins released into the environment. The powder is attracted directly to the chair, table, barstool or chaise lounge. The powder that doesn't directly hit a surface is attracted back to the item. Two sides of a chair back, for example, are coated when spraying from only one side.

Light Fixtures, Decorative Iron, Metal Doors and Cabinets
Do you have some antique light fixtures or decorative iron gingerbread you want restored to its original condition? Electrostatic painting can bring these wonderful items back to life. Metal cabinets, tables and desks can be given new life with modern colors. Steel doors, aluminum doors and windows can be coated to match the color of your house and trim. If it's metal and you want to beautify and protect it then electrostatic painting is the smart choice.

Article by Hal Major

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